701 Pier Park, Panama City Beach, FL

(850) 235-4632

Welcome to Hofbräu Beer Garden in Panama City Beach!

Welcome to Hofbräu Beer Garden-Panama City Beach. We are very excited to bring the spirit of Munich’s fabled Hofbräuhaus to the Panhandle of Florida. The Hofbräu tradition is one of legends, where people of all ages and walks of life come together to enjoy good times, a hearty meal and drink great beer!

Woman Enjoying a Beverage The story of Hofbräu Beer Garden in Panama City began several years ago when a group of longtime friends ventured out on a trip to the Munich Oktoberfest. Their trip introduced them to the fun and festive Bavarian lifestyle at the world famous Hofbräuhaus. The group returned to Panama City Beach with countless stories about the places they visited and new friends they had made. They quickly decided that they wanted to bring the spirit of Bavarian social life to the beach.

On February 14, 2008, the doors to Hofbräu Beer Garden in Panama City Beach opened to a crowd of hundreds of thirsty patrons. Locals and tourists alike, quickly found a favorite place to meet old friends, make new ones and enjoy the greatest beer in the world. Our goal of bringing the spirit of the Hofbräuhaus to Panama City Beach was finally achieved! And, we didn’t stop at importing fresh beer from Munich. Our food is authentic, featuring a menu of Bavarian Specialties, developed by a Master German Chef. With authentic tables and benches from the original Münchner Hofbräuhaus our customers will find themselves transported to legendary Munich beer hall. Outside, our beer garden entices our visitors to soak up some of that famous Florida sun, all the while enjoying a crisp, cold Bavarian brew.

A visit to Hofbräu Beer Garden will be filled with “Gemütlichkeit”, a word that has no exact translation, best described as a feeling of comfort and social belonging. A true Hofbräu experience is meeting as strangers and leaving as friends. So, if your table is not full; make room for others, introduce yourself to your neighbors, raise your glasses and say “PROST!”

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