WonderWorks™ is an amazing Panama City Beach attraction where scientific principles and fun come together to provide an nrivaled educational experience.  The laws of nature and probability interact with human skills and perceptions to create some of the most mind boggling, head scratching virtual challenges, mental challenges and physical challenges. Compete with yourself or friends in this unusual WonderWorks™ Florida attraction which has the largest interactive game facility and scientific displays anywhere. Over 100 exhibits and challenges await the eager participant. WonderWorks™ Panama City Beach is a four-story
interactive fun lab housed in an eye-catching upside down building cradled at the “PCB Pointe or Dysfunction Junction,” where Middle Beach, Front Beach Roads and North Thomas Drive intersect. Where the sinking ship of Ripley’s Believe It or
Not!® Museum
meet the upside down house of Wonderworks.

Once you get your ticket and enter the attraction, you are “inverted” as you walk through a vertigo-inducing spinning chamber that’s enough to confuse your senses and prepare you for what lies ahead.

The first room you come to has all sorts of interesting facts about natural disasters. If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to weather 75 mph winds, just step into the Hurricane Shack. Once the fan clicks on, hold onto your hat and close your mouth, hurricane force winds will tear right through the chamber.
The next room is the Physical Challenge room. With all sorts of physical challenges including a pull up system using pulley’s, a bed of nails you can actually lie on, a basketball and baseball challenge and the thrilling 360 Bike that spins you around and around in a vertical g-force inducing ride.

After climbing and touring all the rooms, you’re met with a grand finale in the challenging ropes course. This three story rope obstacle has everything from 20 foot spans of holding onto nothing but 1 inch ropes dangling from the above-brace to single 4 inch planks that you have to balance-walk across with nothing in between the beam you are walking on the floor 25 feet below. Don’t fear though, a safety harness that is connected to the railing above you keeps you from a perilous fall.

To learn more about all the great interactive exhibit’s inside the Upside Down House, see the Challenges, Natural Disasters and Out of This World menus at the top of the screen and don’t forget to “Like” Us on Facebook!

9910 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
Phone: (850) 249-7000

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